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In Visual Studio 2005 / 2008 you can enable Code Analysis of your Unmanaged C++ project. The Code Analysis gives useful information of what part of your code does not meet the quality criteria. However, the Code Analysis also performs analysis of all system header files, which are used in the project. As it’s least likely that system header files will be modified by developers, this behavior is undesirable. For instance, Code Analysis will display a lot of messages compiling WTL header files.
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STL containers like vector or list are harder to debug in the VS.NET 2003, because the VS.NET 2003 Debugger has no direct support for STL containers in the Watch window.
Instead you have to work with the members of the corresponding container types.

Here is a couple of tricks on how you can view the content of STL vectors and lists.
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An MFC application generated using the Project Wizard of the VS2005 by default uses a Unicode character set for the project. If you are using __argv to access the command line arguments this might cause an application crash.

The following code illustrates the problem:
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