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Mercedes-Benz Museum

Recently, I have visited the new Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart. I was really impressed. Looks like the whole history of the automobile has passed before my eyes. Unfortunately, I hadn’t too much time to see everything in the museum. Nevertheless, here is a short photo report.

Useful WordPress plugins

This site is powered by WordPress – a great blogging engine. Indeed, it takes you five minutes to set it up and create your own site. WordPress has a flexible architecture. You can easily extend the functionality of your site by using thousands of plugins. While creating my site I needed some special features, so I spent some time to find and to select the best plugins. I think this can save you a lot of time too.

Here is a list of plugins I use.

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My Brainbench achievements

Recently, I have found an old page with my Brainbench achievements. For those who don’t know what Brainbench is, it is a place where you can measure your knowledge and skills in different areas online. When Brainbench was free, it was interesting to check yourself.

It was like a game, and like in any game you want to get the highest score. So here is my transcript.

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This article demonstrates the syntax higtlighting for different languages.

Please test it with your browser.

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Hello world!

Today my site SHAFIEV.COM has been released for public testing. Currently, Projects, Music categories are empty. Please leave your comments, questions, and suggestions here. Your advices concerning usabilty and user interface are welcome. If you discover some bugs please tell me what operating system and browser you are using.